• (Ebook) Automotive Embedded Systems Handbook (61.5%)

    (Ebook) Automotive Embedded Systems Handbook

(Ebook) Automotive Embedded Systems Handbook

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(Ebook) Automotive Embedded Systems Handbook

Part I Automotive Architectures
Vehicle Functional Domains and Their Requirements
Application of the AUTOSAR Standard
Intelligent Vehicle Technologies

Part II Embedded Communications
A Review of Embedded Automotive Protocols
FlexRay Protocol
Dependable Automotive CAN Networks

Part III Embedded Software and Development Processes
Product Lines in Automotive Electronics
Reuse of Software in Automotive Electronics
Automotive Architecture Description Languages
Model-Based Development of Automotive Embedded Systems

Part IV Verification, Testing, and Timing Analysis
Testing Automotive Control Software
Testing and Monitoring of FlexRay-Based Applications
Timing Analysis of CAN-Based Automotive Communication Systems
Scheduling Messages with Offsets on Controller Area Network: A Major Performance Boost
Formal Methods in the Automotive Domain: The Case of TTA

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